RISC OS Developments announce December 2022 update for Iris testers

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A Rawnsley - ROdevs

Dec 22, 2022, 7:45:09 AM12/22/22
RISC OS Developments is pleased to announce that a new Iris Web Browser
update is available to anyone who has supported us over the last few years
by buying our Obrowser CDs, either at shows or via !Store.

We're pleased to be able to make the Decemeber 2022 edition available, and
with it the revamped bookmark manager and bookmark bar. The new bookmark
manager supports folders of bookmarks, with drag'n'drop between folders,
and to the bookmark bar. You can also drag'n'drop to import/export URLs
in standard RISC OS format.

The bookmark bar can also contain folders, and display graphical icons for
the pages, just like bookmark bars on other platforms. Folders are
displayed via RISC OS menus to ensure a proper RISC OS feel.

Other enhancements include a new configurable UI - you can enable/disable
parts of the UI to your taste, and more flexible configuration options.

Browser performance receives a small uplift, and the IrisRAM application
is now included as standard alongside Iris. There are, of course, the
usual range of bug fixes and minor improvements, all outlined in the
supplied changelog.

It has been a number of months since the last significant update, as
development this year has tended to be a "two steps forward, one back"
situation - we add or improve systems, but with them come new bugs to
track and fix... and so on.

As such, the December version is still very much a beta - we're aware of a
number of issues outstanding that still need a work, but Iris is already
many people's "browser of choice" for RISC OS, which is why we were keen
to get a new build out to people before Christmas.

For those unfamiliar, Iris is a Javascript/CSS/SSL/HTML5 web browser for
RISC OS based on a modern web engine, akin to that powering Apple's Safari
browser (amongst others). It brings a modern web experience to RISC OS
computers running RISC OS 5.28+ with (ideally) 1GB of RAM or more.

The update can be downloaded via the link on the default Iris "start page"
or from the URL in the ReadMe that came with your Obrowser CD / download.
That Readme file also contains the username/password details for the
download site.

RISC OS Developments wishes everyone a very happy, safe and relaxing
Christmas and New Year period - keep having fun with RISC OS, and we hope
to bring you more goodies in the New Year... or perhaps even sooner...?


Best wishes,

Andrew Rawnsley
RISC OS Developments Ltd

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