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Desktop Dock for RISC OS Laptops

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Jan 11, 2023, 3:08:07 AM1/11/23
RISCOSbits are pleased to announce the arrival of the Desktop Dock for RISC
OS laptops!

This clever hardware device turns your RISC OS laptop into a desktop
computer with a single connection cable, so that you can use your laptop on
a full HD external monitor, with your favourite keyboard and mouse, and any
external USB drives and peripherals normally associated with desktop
machines, such as printers and scanners.

In addition, it enables ethernet support on your laptop, even if it's not
built in. USB audio in and out (for recording) is also supported.

Instantly create a smart, productive desktop environment for your laptop
with your monitor, keyboard, mouse and other external peripherals. Just
connect a Full HD monitor (it will actually work at slightly higher
resolutions) to the Desktop Dock and use your RISC OS laptop on your
monitor with ease. This has been tested with a extensively with the
Pinebook, Pi-Top v2, and by a number of beta testers who can confirm it
works with a Pinebook Pro.

Proof of concept rudimentary software for RISC OS is in place to enable the
use of an external monitor now, but more functional software is in
development. Once enhanced software to control the dock has been developed,
including auto-sensing, the price of the Desktop Dock is likely to rise to
reflect the extra work necessary. Early adopters contributing the
introductory price will be given free access to the enhanced software when

Ethernet, and USB connectivity is already functional, and USB audio (both
playback and recording) is supported by external software.

What it does:

Allows use of an external display with RISC OS laptops

Provides Ethernet connectivity for docked devices

Allows use of external speakers and microphones with USB audio drivers.

Allows connection of external USB peripherals, such as keyboard, mouse, USB
hard drives, printers, scanners etc.

Charges your Pinebook when in use

Slows the discharge rate of your Pinebook Pro when in use

Charges your Pinebook or Pinebook Pro when the laptop is turned off

What it doesn't do:

Screen mirroring or extending (you can use EITHER the laptop screen or the
external monitor, but not both)

Standard RISC OS audio

Charge your Pi-Top v2

The package includes:

Docking Station

Dock to RISC OS laptop connection cable

DVI to VGA Adapter

UK Power Supply.

RISC OS Instruction Manual

Onboard Ports:

x1 DVI Video Port (supports up to 2048 x 1152 resolution at 50Hz via
included MDF),

x1 USB Type B port

x1 Ethernet 10/100 RJ45 port

x1 Mic (USB audio in)

x1 Speaker (USB audio out)

x4 USB 2.0 Ports for peripherals including 'Always On' ports for charging

x1 Universal Kensington Lock to secure your docking station

Power Supply Requirement: 5v 3a

Includes: AC Adapter with UK Plug

Compatible with:


Pinebook Pro

Pi-Top v2

The dock also works with desktop RISC OS computers, such as the Raspberry
Pi, Wandboard, Titanium etc. It is great for hardware and software
development cases - store your development work on a single drive attached
to the dock, and just connect and boot from any of your different RISC OS

Introductory Price: £49

For further information and to buy your dock, please go to

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