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Thomas Milius

Jul 31, 2022, 3:11:07 PM7/31/22
I have just released new versions of my HTTPServ HTTP server and the related
SSI program. You can download the new versions from my homepage

Section Computer activities

or directly

and also from !Store under HTTPServ (which includes !SSI)

- Herbert zur Nedden detected two bugs inside PHP adapters of HTTPServ which
have been corrected now
- An additional SSI adapter has been added to HTTPServ to provide URL query
parameters in SSI variables
- An heavy bug inside SSI handling of nested loops has been corrected
- A SSI acceleration option for exec command has been added
- A new csv command has been added to SSI allowing handling of CSV files
inside SSI pages.
- The HTTPServ examples are shortly explained now
- A webshop example based on SSI and BBC BASIC has been added to the HTTPServ
examples. In this context I managed it to save all actual variables inside
BBC BASIC at the end of a program and to restore them at the restart of the
program. This is accessing internal strcutures of BBC BASIC and may not
work with other versions of BBC BASIC as I am accessing locations of the
variable array (&8504) and three words around the library pointer (&869C).
It would be nice to have two BBC BASIC functions for doing so which would
hide the internal structures.

Best Regards

Thomas Milius

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