DTP Principles: Better Documents by Design

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David Bradforth

Aug 15, 2003, 4:58:59 AM8/15/03
15TH AUGUST 2003

We are delighted to announce the launch of DTP Principles, a platform
and software-independent guide to understanding some of the most
important fundamentals of word processing and desktop publishing. By
concentrating on the universal principles of good document design, this
guide provides valuable information for all users of DTP and word
processing packages, regardless of their choice of software and computer
system. DTP Principles covers such important topics as:
- Planning the structure of a document, from page design to text layout
and attributes
- Understanding font styles, and how to choose the right font for your
- How to present text well, through the correct use of punctuation and
- The Golden Ratio, and how to use it to give your documents excellent
design balance

The guide, written and designed by Richard Hallas, is just 20 pages in
size; has a full colour cover and is mono throughout; but is printed on
superb quality paper (the technicalities - the cover has been printed on
200gm stock, with the internals printed on 100gm). Oh and it was
produced using Ovation Pro - beyond taking the postscript files from my
Risc PC to the Mac for conversion to PDF the whole project was produced
using RISC OS.

We're making DTP Principles (the guide) available to all RISC World
subscribers free of charge; there's no need to request it, it'll be
dropping through your door at some point over the next week. There is a
supporting CD-ROM featuring Ovation 1, clipart and fonts which will be
made available at the same time, we'll have to charge for this but at ukp5
we hope it offers reasonable value for money. (Ovation manuals are still
available, and we'll include these for an extra ukp3 in postage). This
version of Ovation will run on any RISC OS computer.
David Bradforth

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