QrCode Goes To Version 2.03

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Kevin Wells

Dec 17, 2022, 4:00:06 AM12/17/22

Qr Code generating application for RISC OS has been upgraded to version

There are a couple of things changed in this version and they are:

1 Fixed a crash on non drag and drop saves

2 Only one copy of the application can be run at a time.

The bug fix is I think is that I used the same variable name for
choosing which Qr Code type to use as the main DR Wimp Library uses.

The reason for only one copy running at a time is that it saves various
things to it's scrap directory and clears it's scarp directory on
closing. So with 2 copies of it running at the same time cause possibly
cause trouble.

It can be downloaded from:




I have a short YouTube video of it in action:


It does require a working internet connection and wget to work:


With the data coming from the Qr Code Generator web site:


If you like my software why not purchase some of my merchandise:


Or donate money through my Ko-Fi pages:



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