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Feb 22, 2007, 8:05:21 AM2/22/07
VirtualAcorn extends support to include Windows Vista

VirtualAcorn are pleased to announce that, following extensive
testing on the release versions of Windows Vista, we have extended
our product support to include all versions of Vista. This support only
extends to new "retail" versions of Vista and does not include any of
the Beta or RC versions, as these have known issues that we have
fed back to Microsoft.

VirtualAcorn are pleased that almost all the problems we reported
have been resolved by the full Vista release and as such we are
now supplying VirtualAcorn products on the basis that they are
suitable for use on Windows Vista, as well as Windows 2000 and
Windows XP.

The only issue with Vista that we are currently aware of relates to
64 bit versions. These versions will not allow the VirtualAcorn
floppy disc driver to be installed, this prevent VirtualAcorn from
reading Acorn format floppy discs. The 32 bit versions of Vista
do not have this problem.

On-line Technical Support Assistant launched

In order to further improve our out of hours technical support service,
VirtualAcorn have today made available a beta version of the Technical
Support Assistant (TSA).

This is an online version of the system used in house to help diagnose
and solve any problems reported by customers. The TSA will ask the
user a number of yes/no questions in order to diagnose the problem
and provided the solution is known, will present it to the user.

In addition the TSA will link into the revised on-line VirtualAcorn
Knowledge Base. This allows the TSA to provide a simple solution to
the problem as well as provide links to more detailed technical articles.

The updated VirtualAcorn technical support services, including the
Knowledge Base articles and the TSA, can all be found from the
Support button on the main VirtualAcorn website at:


About VirtualAcorn

VirtualAcorn provide a range of VirtualRiscPCs designed to allow
users to run RISC OS and RISC OS applications on computers
running Microsoft Windows Vista, 2000 or XP.

VirtualRPC comes on CD and requires no extra hardware to
be added to the PC. In use VirtualRPC behaves like a "real"
RiscPC and can run either in a window in the Windows desktop,
or in full screen mode. More details can be found on the
VirtualAcorn website at:

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Aaron (VirtualAcorn)

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