AMPlay 1.52 Released

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Mike Sandells

Aug 17, 2003, 3:59:32 PM8/17/03


AMPlay 1.52, a freeware front-end for the AMPlayer module is now
available for download from;

There is now a standard file for downloading the latest version
(Main application including AMPlayCfg and text documentation);

There are also downloads for the HTML documentation, an updated version
of AMPlayRC (remote control), and an updated set of buttons in various
colours for use with AMPlay 1.52 and later.

Note that AMPlayCfg _has_ changed since the last AMPlay release, so
you'll need to update your copy of that as well as the main application.

Documentation can also be viewed online at;

What's New?

(A cut down list)

- Various bugs fixed in both AMPlay and AMPlayCfg

- Text in track, album and artist fields will now optionally scroll
if the text doesn't fit in the icon.

- X modifier improved - a list of extra characters at which the trimming
stops can now be specified (in addition to all alphanumerics). This
allows 01 - (A) Trackname to be shown as (A) Trackname rather than
A) Trackname.

- Autonext now has three possible states - Always, Only within history,
and Never.

- Option to keep a backup of state files.

- The command line utility, AMPlayCmd, is now included with AMPlay.
It also now supports macro expansion at the command line.

- While a main window message is being displayed, the other fields
(track, album, time) continue to update.

- Various extensions to the messaging API.

Refer to the supplied documentation for more details.

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