RISC OS Developments release v7.03 of new TCP/IP stack

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A Rawnsley - ROdevs

Dec 23, 2022, 1:08:08 PM12/23/22
RISC OS Developments is pleased to announce the release of v7.03 of the
new TCP/IP stack, just in time for Christmas. It is one of several
Christmas presents to the RISC OS community, following yesterday's Iris
web browser update.

v7.03 contains a number of improvements and fixes compared to the previous
versions released earlier in the year. The headline improvement is
support for legacy and non-open-source network interfaces (eg.
RiscPC/RPCemu, Elesar wifi hat and others). This allows almost all RISC
OS users to benefit from the new technology and develop/test software to
take advantage of its features.

There have been various compatibility updates, too, building on the
stack's wide ranging software support. We've enhanced DHCP support,
matching the old DHCP module's DHCP state structures to ensure that user
applications can integrate with DHCP, whilst providing open documention on
several elements for the first time.

Various aspects of the resolver have been improved, especially for users
making use of the Hosts files (either for IP address assignment or for
local lookup). The resolver has also been updated to mirror ROOL's summer
changes, to avoid any potential conflicts in behaviour. Again, this is
covered in the supplied documentation.

Installation has been further smoothed by revisions based on our
experiences helping users get started. We never cease to be amazed by the
different aspects of peoples' !Boot sequences, but we do our best to
accommodate them! :)

Minor performance and memory usage enhancements are also present, which
should yield benefits in various areas (eg. resolving addresses).

Our programmers are now working on adding new functionality/features to
the stack, with some exciting progress anticipated for the New Year.

As always, the ROD TCP/IP stack is delivered free of charge to the RISC OS
community, thanks to the generosity of our partners. Full source is
available on request.

We look forward to sharing more with you in 2023 :)

Best wishes to everyone for a super Christmas and New Year period, whether
you are doing fun RISC OS-y things, or just taking a break with friends/

Andrew, Richard and all at RISC OS Developments Ltd

Andrew Rawnsley
RISC OS Developments Ltd

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