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The WROCC Vol 41 Issue 10 Out Now

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Jan 7, 2024, 5:45:05 PMJan 7
The January 2024 issue of 'The WROCC' -- the newsletter of the Wakefield
RISC OS Computer Club -- is on its way out to members across the UK and
beyond this week.

In this issue we look at a range of software (both on RISC OS and elsewhere)
that one of our members uses to keep track of and manage his digital
photography, while Chris Hall revisits an article from 2020, to investigate
inflation using BBC BASIC and Draw. We take a quick look at some recent
software releases, and one of our members reflects on how he finds new
software titles amongst the vastness of the internet. Finally, there's a
look back over 2023 in the pages of the newsletter, and a look forward to
the Club's AGM in February.

See for more details of recent issues,
and to download samples of older issues.

Able to trace its roots directly back to the first Wakefield Club newsletter
in April 1983, these days 'The WROCC' is produced in an A5 booklet layout
and copies are delivered free to WROCC members in PDF format. Membership of
the Club costs 7.50ukp per year... and despite our name, there are no
geographical restrictions.

The Wakefield Back Catalogue Issue 13

Relaunched following the completion of Volume 40 of 'The WROCC' in April
2023, the thirteenth edition of The Wakefield Back Catalogue contains PDF
copies of the Club's monthly newsletters going from 'The WROCC' and 'Awake'
right back to the very first "hints & tips" sheet handed out at the April
1983 meeting.

The new compilation contains around 440 issues and is available as a
download in these more 'virtual' times. It costs 7.50ukp for non-members,
whilst members can buy it for the discounted price of 5.00ukp. See for more details.

Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club -

"A friendly face for all things RISC OS in Yorkshire,
the surrounding regions and beyond."

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