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On Sale Now - Drag 'N Drop 11i4

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Jul 31, 2022, 3:11:08 PM7/31/22
Drag 'N Drop is a quarterly magazine in PDF, mainly for users of RISC OS 5
(Armbook, Raspberry Pi etc.) but content will be of interest to all RISC
OS users plus 8-bit features for BBC Micro users as well.

Volume 11 issue 4 is now available Just select "Drag N
Drop 11i4" or "Drag N Drop 11i4 with programs" from the menu and click Go
to try a sample and then buy.

Drag 'N Drop costs £4.25, or £5.50 with a Zip (archive) file of the
type-in programs already typed in.

We have a jam-packed 40 page issue this summer:

* Have you ever contemplated the little icons edges of windows and
wondered where they come from? Want to design your own? Read the article
on window furniture and toolsprites.

* You might have sat down to watch the final episode Neighbours but
there's activity down under in our new RISC "OZ" series.

* We have undertaken a comprehensive survey of RISC OS freeware with
complete details of where on the internet to download it. You'll discover
gems of applications you've forgotten about.

* Did you have a Speccy back in the day? Did you sometimes wish you owned
one?! You can with our guide to using the RISC OS port of the Fuse ZX
Spectrum emulator. Not only that there's the start of a two part article
on converting Spectrum Basic to BBC Basic.

* We have two really useful type-in applications. The first is a freehand
drawing package, sign your life away and export to Draw for a signature on
the dotted line. ClickDir solves an age-old irritation by setting the CSD
to wherever you've double clicked a file. No longer will you spend ages
hunting down output from your single-tasking Basic programs.

* The series on PHP continues, we give AMCOG's new game the once over and
there is an update to the series we ran on using Schema2.

Remember, if you want to save wear and tear on your fingers you have the
option of buying Drag 'N Drop for just an extra £1.25 with all of the
programs already typed in plus extras.

Payment on the website is handled by PayPal which accepts all major debit
and credit cards. When you receive the page with "If you're not redirected
to Drag N Drop in 10 seconds click here" please avoid clicking and let the
countdown expire as overriding the countdown seems to cause problems when
Paypal is very busy.

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