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"RISC OS Classic ROMs Collection CD" now available from RISCOS Ltd

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Paul Middleton

Mar 4, 2011, 5:34:05 AM3/4/11
RISCOS Ltd Press Release 03/03/11

"RISC OS Clasic ROM Collection CD" for use with Emulators now
available from RISCOS Ltd.

RISCOS Ltd has today announced the immediate availability of the
new "RISC OS Classic ROM Collection CD" for use with Emulators
(Virtual Computers). The CD costs just £10 and provides fully
authorised RISC OS ROM images and supporting Floppy Disc images.

The CD provides ROM images and Floppy Disc data for:-
Arthur 0.30
Arthur 1.20
RISC OS 2.00
RISC OS 2.01
RISC OS 3.00
RISC OS 3.10
RISC OS 3.11
RISC OS 3.50
RISC OS 3.60
RISC OS 3.70
RISC OS 3.71

RISCOS Ltd Managing Director Paul Middleton explained that ..

"We have received lots of requests to provide a source for officially
checked and approved older RISC OS ROM images for use with Emulators. Many
people want to be able to relive the original classic Acorn Computers
experience from the A300 series onwards. This CD now provides a full set of
ROMs and associated floppy disc images for those users to enjoy again."

The costs of the "RISC OS Classic ROM Collection CD" are:-

Download version - £10 from website (from Monday)
CD version by post £11.50 in the UK and £12.50 overseas.
CD collection at the Show £10.

Orders can be placed by telephone 02920 619942
or by email to <>
or by fax to 02920 213156.

CDs will be available to take away at the RISC OS South West Show 2011
on Saturday 5th March 2011.

Online ordering with payment via PayPal and a range of debit and credit
cards will be available via the RISCOS Ltd sales website at:


from Monday 7th March 2011.

Paul Middleton
Managing Director
Tel +44 (0)29 2061 9942 Direct, Fax +44 (0)29 2021 3156

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