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Feb 21, 2024, 6:00:07 PMFeb 21
Don't eNVy Me - it's FreeNVMe

After months of development work and testing, RISCOSbits and Stader
Softwareentwicklung GmbH, alongside other major RISC OS partners, are
pleased to announce the initial release of FreeNVMe, a free and open
source NVMe driver for RISC OS. NVMe is a modern storage technology,
widely used in the PC world, that allows faster access to small
footprint (sometimes tiny!) but high capacity storage.

As demonstrated at the MUG Show and the WROCC meeting in December,
FreeNVMe is currently designed to work on Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4
based systems, with a roadmap already in place to bring it to other PCIe
based machines, such as Elesar's Titanium, in the very near future.

FreeNVMe is based around the "nightly builds" concept, so is initially
available as a softloadable driver so that users can keep RISC OS up to
date AND still use NVMe storage, without the need for a custom-built

RISCOSbits will be demonstrating the fully functional FreeNVMe at the
SouthWest Show on Saturday 24th February, and a range of fully-equipped
NVME machines will be available to buy and take away.

Downloads will be available in the very near future, including access to
pre-built driver modules. For developers wanting to get involved in the
project, the source code for FreeNVMe will also be made available
shortly. We will also provide a "compatibility list" of drives and
equipment that conform to NVMe standards and are known to work with

Thanks should also go out to our many testers (some from the other side
of the world!), whose feedback and support proved invaluable in bringing
this open source venture to fruition.

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