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Martin Dann

Mar 31, 2003, 6:07:15 PM3/31/03

Following the success of our previous utilities !ProcesserSpeedup
and !ExtraHardDisc, we are pleased to announce !ScanUsingPrinter.

!ScanUsingPrinter allows you to scan in a document using your printer.
Due to the way this works, !ScanUsingPrinter uses some of the quantum
mechanical properties of light, this software will unfortunately only
work on laser printers.

When the laser in your printer fires a beam of light at the drum, all
the photons are in phase, and hit the paper. To print on the paper
requires toner to be placed on the paper from the drum and cartridge.
This requires Energy. If ink is already there, then no energy is needed,
and thus you can detect what is already on the paper from the electical
resistance of the laser.

The orignal alpha version coloured in the rest of the paper black, which
wasted toner and ruined the initial copy.

However using new supe rook technology, as used in quantum cryptography,
we no longer need to use toner, and thus do not ruin the orignal. This
detects what the impedence would be if toner were used.


SA RiscPC.

This has not as yet been tested on other SA RISC OS computers, but we
believe that it could work.

See also

Coming soon, !SuperMemulisor, a utility to increase the memory by up
to 2 times using software techniques. Bits in memory can have two
states, zero and one. Memory only uses one state at a time, wasting
the other. !SuperMemulisor doubles available memory by using boths
states in memory gates concurrently.

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