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Andrew Rawnsley

May 19, 2022, 6:11:12 PMMay 19
R-Comp is pleased to announce that Messenger Pro 9 will be launching at
the Wakefield Show this weekend.

With updates to all the core components of Messenger Pro, it seemed an
apposite time to move to version 9, some 4 years after v8 launched at an
earlier Wakefield.

The headline feature is the move to the new AcornSSL security module for
all aspects of Mpro network connection - POP, SMTP and IMAP. This ensures
compatibility with the latest SSL/TLS standards, and helps ensure Mpro
remains compatible with modern mail services.

In a similar light, we have updated the guide for using Messenger Pro with
Gmail, as their security protocols have changed substantially recently.
There is also a guide for Hotmail/, the other big webmail
service. Both services can be accessed by POP and by IMAP.

Messenger Pro 9 introduces a number of smaller features too. We have
improved compatibility with mobile phones, especially when sending
attachments. Switching between IMAP or POP accounts has been made
smoother, and there are minor performance tweaks here and there. There
are also changes to how spaces in filenames are handled, which give an
improved user experience when interacting with other platforms.

The POP/SMTP component is now brought in line with the current NetFetch
5.5 codebase, bringing with it more flexibility and performance. This
version incorporates various facilities for ensuring your emails reach
their desired destination and are not treated as spam, and using multiple
smtp servers is now possible within the app.

Messenger Pro 9 supports a wide range of RISC OS computers from RISC OS
3.x to the latest 5.29. The CD version also includes the Win/Mac edition
(plus licence key which works for the downloadable Linux edition). Note
that there is no change to the Win/Lin/Mac version in MPro9 - it is
developed separately from the RISC OS version.

A purchase of MPro 9 includes ongoing tech support and updates to v9 when

Messenger Pro 9 CD upgrades will be available at the show for 20ukp, and
this includes a !Store voucher for a digital/download copy too.
Anybody who has bought an upgrade to v8 in April or May can request a free
upgrade on !Store - just put a "Special Instruction" with a note of your
purchase date in the box when ordering, and we won't make any charge.

The update is also available on !Store now.

Best wishes, and hope to see you at "Wakefield-in-Bradford" this weekend!


22 Robert Moffat, High Legh, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 6PS
Tel: 01925 755043 Fax: 01925 757377

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