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RISCOSbits at the SouthWest Show 2024

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Feb 21, 2024, 6:00:06 PMFeb 21
RISCOSbits are pleased to announce a new range of NVMe based machines
that will be available to buy at the SouthWest Show on Saturday 24th
February. As the result of partnering with Stader Softwareentwicklung
and other major RISC OS players, these brand new devices will be the
first to utilise FreeNVMe - the open source NVMe driver and filing
system for RISC OS. Whilst the driver is currently in beta, it has
worked very reliably on RISCOSbits' many Compute Module 4 systems for
months, and has been demonstrated working at both the MUG Show and WROCC
meeting in December.

The first machine out of the trap is the brutally-titled VENOM,
comprising a 32GB eMMC solid state boot device and a 256GB NVMe drive
for fast disc access over the PCIe bus. VENOM is the natural successor
to the now retired Pi Harder, being contained in a small NUC-style
aluminium case, and rocking three USB ports (including one on the
front), gigabit Ethernet, twin HDMI ports, 3.5mm audio jack and power
button. Internally, the passively cooled system has a working Real Time
Clock and 4GB RAM. This is a new premium RISC OS machine at a budget
price of £249.

The previously released PiRO Qube has now developed into an NVMe-based
system with an easy upgrade path available for previous purchasers. The
diminutive powerhouse now comes with 4GB RAM but also hosts a 32GB eMMC
boot drive, and a 128GB NVMe drive, all for £199. There is also another
eMMC-based model available without an NVMe drive, that can be added
later, at £169.

The final NVMe-based machine available to buy at the show is the
mythical Chimera, which nearly debuted at the MUG Show in December, but
was allegedly thwarted by Hades himself! This twin headed machine runs
both RISC OS and Linux simultaneously, with both heads having 256GB of
dedicated NVMe storage. Both heads connect using specific software that
allows for a smooth, configurable, fenestrated experience. The base
price for this behemoth is just £469, and it comes in an ultra-thin,
stylish aluminium case measuring just 200mm x 200mm x 45mm, with
external PSU. The RISC OS head has 2GB RAM, a 32GB eMMC boot drive, and
a 256GB NVMe drive. The Linux head has 4GB RAM, and a similar sized
dedicated NVMe drive. Work is progressing on adding a third head - a
full x64 head running Windows (and that's not Windows on ARM!).

The renamed ROBUST (previously eMMC4) is the slightly older sibling to
the VENOM, the only difference being that it replaces the NVMe drive
with a standard 2.5in SSD. This allows for a price drop to £219 for a
4GB RAM system with 32GB eMMC and a 128GB SSD for RISC OS, or RISC OS
and Linux via our EDOS software.

There will be several FAST systems to buy and take away from the show,
with the capability of hosting multiple FAST SSDs - we believe to be
STILL the FASTest and most expandable RISC OS machine in existence. At
only £349, these machines are flying - in so many ways!

We will also have stocks of our PiMini Show Special device in a custom
A3020 colour scheme. With a 2GHz processor and 32GB of eMMC storage all
enclosed in a tiny case, this £119 special has multiple RISC OS use
cases. And we'll have our one-off 'Model Z' machine - a natty Pi Zero
dressed up in BBC Micro livery! At only £15, this is a pocket money
bargain designed to flush RISCOSbits HQ of the last remaining stocks of
Pi Zero devices. When they're gone, they're gone!

We will also have stocks of PiRO Noir, Desktop Docks and a range of
other systems and accessories available to take away on the day.

Details of all systems can be found by visiting

Come along for a chat and see the very latest developments in RISC OS
storage, hot off the digital press.

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