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Currency Gets The Textile treatment

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Kevin Wells

Jan 22, 2024, 6:30:13 PMJan 22

My currency exchange rate application for RISC OS called Currency has
had a little upgrade taking it to version 2.04

New in this version is the ability to save textile code as used by the
RISC OS open forums, how useful this is I don't know.

It can be downloaded from:




It does require a working internet connection and wget to work:


Also an API key from API layer where the exchange rate data comes from:


Whilst the country data comes from the World Bank:


To see the output:


I am open to adding more forum code options in future versions.

If you find this or other of my software useful why not purchase some of
my merchandise:


Or donate through my Ko-Fi pages:



Kev Wells
carpe cervisium
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