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Michael Drake

Aug 9, 2009, 6:39:51 AM8/9/09

The NetSurf Developers are looking for new developers to join the team.

Our current development plan is outlined loosely here:


We'd welcome any development help but there are two specific areas in
which we need help.

The RISC OS front end

The RISC OS front end was the original front end and in many ways it is
still the most complete. However, the RISC OS front end has not had any
maintainer for over two and a half years. This is now seriously impeding
development of NetSurf's multi-platform core, because the front ends need
to be updated to use core features, and prompting developers to consider
dropping RISC OS support.

Many of the features that were in the RISC OS front end are now being
moved to the core, so that there will be less RISC OS specific code, and
that code can be tested properly on platforms with better debug tools.

If you are interested in working on NetSurf's RISC OS front end, please
get in touch with the developers. We're keen to help anyone get to grips
with the code. Knowledge of C and some experience with the RISC OS WIMP
are required.

The autobuilder

The NetSurf autobuilder currently builds development builds of the RISC OS
front end every 15 minutes, if there has been a change to the code. It
then uploads the new builds to the web site. It is all done by a Perl

The autobuilder could be made a lot more useful for developers. It could
run the test suites for all components, such as Hubbub and update a page
that shows whether a build has failed or an update has caused a test to be
failed. It could also build NetSurf for various platforms. This would let
developers see if their changes have broken something. For example a Linux
developer may make a change which stops the Amiga version from compiling.

There are some more specific requirements for the autobuilder here:


If you're interested and have some knowledge of scripting languages
(specifically Perl), please get in touch.

If you would like to help in either of these areas, please get in touch
to discuss things with us. The NetSurf IRC channel is best, or use the
netsurf-dev developer mailing list. Details on:



The NetSurf Developers


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