RISC OS in Installments and FOURtify your Pi 4

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Jun 5, 2022, 1:15:32 PMJun 5
RISCOSbits are pleased to announce that, in conjunction with PayPal, they
are making state of the art RISC OS computers and accessories available to
purchase by instalment.

Using PayPal's Pay In 3 system, you can now buy a brand new RISC OS system
from RISCOSbits, spreading the cost over three monthly payments. An example

A Pi Harder 4240, with 4GB RAM and a 240GB SSD would normally cost you
£219. Add our EDOS dual boot Linux system for £25, and you'd pay a bargain
one-off price of £251.50 including insured postage and packing.

Using the interest free instalments system, you'd only pay £83.84 today,
plus two further payments of £83.83 over the next two months. And, better
still, you'd still get your new RISC OS machine after making the first payment!

Not only that, but Pay In 3 is available across our full range of products,
as long as you spend more than £30 including postage. So you can add a new
case to the order for that spare Pi in the drawer, and spread the costs. Or
you could even add that EDOS 400 keyboard computer you've been considering.

We can even create custom systems and packages for you, including
installing software and add-ons normally sold by other providers, and you
can split the total cost over three months.

In addition, if you need slightly longer to pay, PayPal are offering
generous credit terms on purchases from both our pihard.co.uk and
riscosbits.co.uk websites, including interest-free credit for four months.
See PayPal's website for T&Cs.

To take advantage of either of these offers with our standard,
off-the-shelf systems, simply use the Buy It buttons on our
riscosbits.co.uk or pihard.co.uk websites, and when you sign in to check
out, the 'Pay In 3' and 'PayPal credit' options will be available when
choosing your payment type, where applicable.

For custom orders and systems, get in touch using the Custom Quote form on
the PiHard store.

RISCOSbits are also pleased to announce the widespread availability of our
renamed FOURtify service.

FOURtify was formerly known as Ruggedizer, and was introduced with the BURP
range of cases back in 2018 but has recently laid dormant.

With Raspberry Pi 4s being thin on the ground, our reborn FOURtify service
takes your existing Raspberry Pi 4 board and builds it into your preferred
RISCOSbits computer, at a generous discount on standard pricing of Pi
Harder, PiRO Noir, FOURtress and PiAno machines.

You can choose a full range of specifications for your newly FOURtified
system set up, including SD card size, hard drive size and software
package. We also include any custom software we have available to control
power and fans for your chosen enclosure.

To get your custom quote to FOURtify your Pi, simply go to
www.pihard.co.uk/fourtify.htm and complete the form.

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