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WROCC Meeting - Sine Nomine Software - 10th Jan

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Jan 4, 2024, 3:20:04 AMJan 4

Sine Nomine Software

Meeting on Wednesday 10th January at 7.45pm

Matthew and Hilary will primarily be covering the map application, RiscOSM,
showing more advanced techniques including how to write BASIC and Python
tools which connect RiscOSM to web APIs. They will also be happy to take any
questions or suggestions about any of their other software.

Please note that this meeting is on the second Wednesday of the month.

This 'virtual' meeting is open to all, and will take place using the Zoom
conferencing service using our regular meeting credentials. Zoom invitations
will be sent out ahead of the meeting, but only to those who email to request one. If you would like to be part of the
meeting (and don't already have the link from a previous meeting or receive
an invite in the next 24 hours as a member of WROCC), please RSVP -- at the
latest by the end of Tuesday 9th January (GMT).

If you haven't used Zoom before, we suggest that before Wednesday you try to
join the Zoom test meeting at on the device that you
intend to use, in order to check that your system works OK. You will not
require a Zoom account to take part.

Past Meetings

Videos of previous meetings can be found in our links to past meetings at

WROCC Membership

Annual membership of WROCC is available for those living near and far at
7.50ukp per year.

Members receive:

* A PDF newsletter with all the latest news and articles.

* Entry to meetings.

* Access to the WROCC Internet Discussion Forum.

For further information, please email or visit the
Club's website at

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"A friendly face for all things RISC OS in Yorkshire,
the surrounding regions and beyond."

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