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Fred Graute

Jul 1, 2022, 3:44:58 AMJul 1
Hi All,

Version 1.10 of MiniTime is now available for download from

MiniTime was written as a replacement for SmallTime which does the same
thing but doesn‘t run on modern hardware and the licence doesn‘t allow
for altered versions to be distributed.

Like SmallTime, MiniTime displays the date/time in a small icon or
window. In addition it provides a simple calendar. Time and calendar
displays can be easily configured to suit one's preferences.

Changes in this version are:

Converted to a regular application (didn't need any module stuff).

Now uses BuildFJG and StrongLib to build, support for Track, etc.

Added notification support. Just basic egg-timer functionality.

Help button in colour scheme window didn't work (missing code).

When Schemes dialogue box opens, highlight the last chosen scheme.

Only load (and use) Clipboard module if ClipboardHolder is absent.

MiniTime can be freely distributed under the 3-clause BSD licence, and
comes with the source included. As always, all feedback is welcome.

Fred Graute

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