4teTools 1.19 released with overclocking, fan controls and auto sharing

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Andrew Rawnsley

May 10, 2022, 1:12:41 PMMay 10

R-Comp Interactive is pleased to announce the release of !4teTools v1.19
with a range of new features for 4te and 4te2 users.

The headline feature is overclocking support, allowing your Pi at
significantly higher speeds. When using demanding RISC OS apps like Iris,
every little helps, and 4teTools now allows all owners to squeeze a bit
more "oomph" from their computers, by simply picking an appropriate
overclock profile.

The software gives a read-out of current temperature and clock speed so
that you can monitor thermals, and get an idea of how your computer is

Of particular note is the "auto boost" mode, which is used by the Pi
Foundation itself in Raspberry Pi OS distributions. This allows Pi boards
auto-overclock themselves (safely, presumably, given it is baked into Pi
OS) to 1.8Ghz, so this is now available to RISC OS users too.

A number of profiles are provided which allows easy switching and testing.
These can be customised further if required.

Also included in this new release are fan and power controls for 4te2
users (although these have been available in the 4te2 version since

A nice, general addition is (optional!) automated sharing of your main
drive with other RISC OS machines. Some filing systems don't make this
easy, so 4teTools steps in to make sharing your drive a one click option.
You can set it to happen as part of every startup, or upon connection of a
network cable. This means that 4te users can simply plug in a network
cable, have the computer auto-configure its networking, and then share the
main drive so that it can be seen by their other RISC OS systems.

Finally, a fresh set of firmware for the computer is included with this
release, with the latest CPU fixes and improvements from the Pi
Foundation. Whilst there's no requirement to install this if you're happy
with your computer as-is, it is important to ensure that all users have
access to the latest shipping firmware.

4te and 4te2 owners can download the update for free from the users'
download site described near the back of the Welcome guide.

We hope to have an updated version of the standalone "PiTools" (which
offers 4teTools-like functionality to all Pi users) ready in the next few
days. It will be a free update for existing owners, so please check your
copy on !Store shortly. Please note that travel to the Dutch exhibition
may delay this into next week.

Best wishes,


R-Comp Interactive
22 Robert Moffat, High Legh, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 6PS
Tel: 01925 755043 Fax: 01925 757377 http://www.rcomp.co.uk

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