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Aug 12, 2003, 1:00:43 PM8/12/03

R-Comp is pleased to announce the release of DataPower Home - an
easy-to-use, yet powerful, DTP-like database system for RISC OS
machines running RISC OS 3.1-5.0 (ie. it is compatible with both
26 and 32bit RISC OS machines).

DataPower Home is derived from Iota's DataPower 1 application,
which they maintained in parallel with its sibling DataPower 2.
However, DataPower Home improves upon DP1, dealing with
some major outstanding problems and adding 32bit compatibility,
as well as components from our recent DP2 release. The DataPower
documentation has also been updated with tutorials specific to
DataPower Home.

The idea behind DataPower Home is to offer users a well-rounded
product for sub-50ukp, without some of the more sophisticated (and
perhaps, less often used) facilities present in DP2.
It makes an ideal 'starter' product for those not wishing to
take the full plunge of DataPower 2.

The main differences between DataPower Home and DataPower 2
are that 'Home' is a "flat file" database (ie. not relational)
and lacks the scripting, SQL and data-joining found in DP2.

DataPower Home is a logical upgrade for existing DataPower 1
users who have found no need for the relational and other
features of DataPower2, especially as some "show-stopper"
faults have been fixed in the new version (eg. text failing
to print! etc.). Needless to say, it follows our trend of
disabling the notorious protection system, allowing for
simple, quick installation on your machine.
Additionally, we are releasing this as a combined
26bit and 32bit CD, so the product is future-proofed.

We are keen to assist users of other, older databases to
move to this more modern, 32bit-friendly system.
With this in mind, during August and September, existing owners
of Recordz (the database component of Fireworks), MasterFile
and MultiStore (Minerva's database) can get a discount of
over 20 per cent (see below) by returning their program disc(s)
with a cheque.


DataPower Home (single user) CD version - 49ukp inc

DataPower Home upgrade from Iota DP1 - 25ukp inc

DataPower Home upgrade from old databases - 39ukp inc
(August/Sept offer)

More about DataPower Home

Databases are often regarded as complex systems,
off-putting to many people. However, we all use databases
on a daily basis without ever thinking about it - address books,
phone directories, grocery lists, diet plans etc. are all
examples of databases!

DataPower Home brings friendly databasing to RISC OS users -
with a simple "drag-and-drop" approach, and a DTP-like
WYSIWYG view. If you've used a program like Impression,
Ovation, or even Draw, you'll be instantly at home with

The program is happy to accept pictures and links to other
files, so that you can look after all kinds of information.
You can also use various fonts, borders, colours etc. to
make your database attractive, and easy to read, ready
for printing.

DataPower allows for many different layouts of your data.
As an example, suppose you were organising a wedding or
party for 100 people. You could start by entering the
list of people you were inviting. Without leaving the
program, you could design personalised invitations, and
print them, and with address labels. As you receive
the replies of acceptance or otherwise, you can tick
them off, and (again, without leaving the program) print tickets,
perhaps with directions. You can then create name tags and/or
seating plans.

The program also includes graphing facilities, so that
you can produce charts and diagrams from your data,
to get a clearer picture. The graphing facility includes
many types of chart in both 2D and 3D. Results can be
printed, or exported into DTP, word processor or other
graphics programs.

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Tel: (+44) 01925 755043 Fax: (+44) 01925 757377

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