GnuPG 1.2.3 for RISC OS released

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Stefan Bellon

Aug 22, 2003, 6:46:39 PM8/22/03
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I've just released GnuPG 1.2.3 for RISC OS. It's mainly a general
maintenance release. If you are keen to know the exact changes, please
refer to the NEWS file inside the distribution or linked to from my web

- --------

GnuPG is a complete and free replacement for PGP. Because it does not
use the patented IDEA algorithm, it can be used without any
restrictions. GnuPG is a RFC2440 (OpenPGP) compliant application.

GnuPG itself is a commandline tool without any graphical stuff. It is
the real crypto engine which can be used directly from a command
prompt, from obey scripts or by other programs. Therefore it can be
considered as a backend for other applications.

- --------

* Full replacement of PGP.
* Does not use any patented algorithms.
* GPLed, written from scratch.
* Full OpenPGP implementation.
* Better functionality than PGP and some security enhancements over
PGP 2.
* Decrypts and verifies PGP 5, 6, 7 and 8 messages.
* Supports ElGamal (signature and encryption), DSA, RSA, AES, 3DES,
Blowfish, Twofish, CAST5, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512,
RIPEMD160 and TIGER192 (and optionally -- not GNU anymore -- you can
use IDEA as well)
* Supports key and signature expiration dates.
* Integrated support for HKP keyservers (
* Support for LDAP keyservers via plug-in.
* Support for photo IDs via plug-in.
* and many more things....

Messenger Pro 2.50 already supports GnuPG in a beta stage, later
versions (2.60 onwards) have GnuPG support in release quality.
Pluto supports GnuPG since version 2.04 as well.
Currently those are the only two mail/news reader for RISC OS that have
built-in support for GnuPG. I hope that other mail/news reader authors
will support GnuPG in the future in a similar way like PGP 2.6.3ia is
supported today. And I'm still hoping for front-ends to GnuPG. Authors,
please get in contact with me. ;-)

- --------

You can download it from my homepage at
There are six different archives:

* the normal GPLed GnuPG for RISC OS binary (without IDEA)
If you're not worried about backwards compatibility to PGP 2.x, then
you'll want only this archive.
* the IDEA archive, which is not GNU anymore
You are only allowed to use this for non-commercial purposes legally!
* the partially linked GnuPG for RISC OS archive
You need the two above and this in order to build yourself a version
which supports IDEA. You don't need any compiler or programming
experience in order to create this version.
But you only need it for backwards compatibility and are only allowed
to use it non-commercially!
* the GPLed source code archive
This is the source code without IDEA. If you want to compile yourself
an IDEA-aware version, you'll need the IDEA archive as well. You'll
need Norcroft C and UnixLib in order to compile GnuPG for RISC OS.
* the internationalization support
You only need this, if you want GnuPG to speak a different language
than English. A lot of different languages are provided.
* the LDAP keyserver support
You only need this if you want to fetch keys from LDAP keyservers out
there. Searching and fetching keys works, sending keys however doesn't
work yet. This seems to be a problem with my OpenLDAP port. Volunteers
are encouraged to have a look at it. ;-)

Have fun and a Pretty Good Privacy,


- --
Stefan Bellon
Version: GnuPG v1.2.3-sb1 (RISC OS)


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