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Jun 7, 2022, 2:48:55 AMJun 7

We are pleased to announce that
"3D Pingo"
is available for download from the PlingStore:

and is priced at £9.99.

This is version 6.02 and includes a few improvements to the version
released at the Wakefield show.

A game play video is here:

Images showing game play that may be used in articles about the game are
available from these links:

3D Pingo is a new 3D platform game for RISC OS! Pingo uses both vectors
and sprites that are projected so as to allow movement away, toward,
left, right, jumping and falling.

The game features shadows, HD graphics, real time sound and original music.

Guide Pingo across the 3D platforms to collect the sky jewels. Avoid
unfriendly creatures and also avoid falling off platforms. When you have
collected all of the jewels, then leave the level through the door.

New for RISC OS featuring:
- 4 original music tracks
- 8 levels
- Real time sound effects via RDSP
- 3 levels of difficulty
- Full source code
- 3D game play
- Joystick support on RISC OS 5
- User definable keys
- 720p graphics

For RISC OS 4.02 & 5 on Raspberry Pi, ARMX6, Titanium, RPCEmu, Virtual
Acorn SA and Pandaboard, Beagleboard based systems

Thanks and Regards,

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