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Webworkz rejuvenated as a bonus item for Fireworkz Pro users

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Andrew Rawnsley

Oct 26, 2021, 5:24:02 PM10/26/21

R-Comp is pleased to announce that Webworkz, originally developed by the
much-missed Paul Vigay, is being rejuvenated and updated for a new
release. The plan is to make this a free update for current Fireworkz Pro

Webworkz, which used to be a 15ukp shareware program, allows Fireworkz
files to be converted into HTML (with styles as CSS). Once in HTML
format, you can transfer them to other platforms or use them on the web.

This has been made possible thanks to Andrew Conroy who has been
administering Paul's library of shareware software since Paul's death.
Big thanks to Andrew for this. The software has had its restrictions
removed, and BASIC source made clear so that updates can be done.

Stuart Swales, author/maintainer of Fireworkz is kindly providing
invaluable assistance in updating the program and improving it based on
his "insider knowledge" of all things Fireworkz :)

We hope that by bringing the program back and updating it, it'll find
users once again, and be a suitable tribute to its original author.

Improvements will also be fed back to Andrew Conroy so that the source
code is kept in sync.

All being well it'll be in the zips come the weekend :)

Best wishes,


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