R-Comp announce the release of Grapevine 1.11

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Aug 14, 2003, 11:19:35 AM8/14/03

R-Comp is pleased to announce the release of version 1.11 of the popular
Grapevine communication/conversation RISC OS software. Upgrades have been
sent to registered customers via email - if you haven't received your
update within 48 hours, please contact us by replying to this message.

What is Grapevine?

Grapevine is an internet conversation program, allowing you to use the
IRC and MSN cross-platform communication/chat protocols. Using the
software, RISC OS users can keep in contact with friends and family
via the internet, even if they are miles away or on different continents!
If your family/friends are online, you can communicate with them whilst
you are online doing web browsing, email etc.

Additionally Grapevine allows for easy file transfer, so you can send
and receive files without needing to resort to email etc. This means
that you could be talking about a holiday with someone, and in a couple
of clicks send them some photos.

What's new?

1.11 of Grapevine is a major upgrade adding a large number of new features.
Heading the list is a "user" system allowing each family member to have
their own settings. This means that parents can have separate settings
and contacts to those of the children, or alternatively you could have
one set of contacts for business, and one for after-hours.

Another major new feature is a logging system. Grapevine has always allowed
you to save the conversation history, but you can now enable/disable logging
of any conversation or chat session, and the messages will be saved as
they appear.

The MSN section of the software now allows you to send multi-line messages
(ie. a single message can have line breaks in it) allowing for longer
formated messages to be sent. There are also new sound effects so that
you can hear when things happen, even if you aren't actually watching
the machine.

The code that handles the list of contact names has been enhanced, allowing
for all kinds of esoteric, long contact names. However, you can also over-ride
these by specifying your own, preferred contact name - useful for people
who like to change their contact names to obtuse things on a regular basis!

On the IRC front, Grapevine now allows the use of Fserves for file downloads,
and makes it easy to transfer lots of files in one session. Additionally,
it now understands some of the extensions introduced by the popular Windows
MIRC software.

There's much more, too - the change log for this version is as long as all
the other release versions combined!


Grapevine costs 25ukp inclusive of VAT and UK delivery. More info can
be found at www.rcomp.co.uk

The future

Work has already begun on expanding Grapevine further - indeed 1.11 includes
many "behind the scenes" changes to the way the software works in preparation
for future upgrades. However, as always, we need to ensure on-going sales
of the product in order to fund the future...

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Tel: (+44) 01925 755043 Fax: (+44) 01925 757377

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