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A Rawnsley

Nov 17, 2022, 5:30:12 PM11/17/22

!IrisRAM is a small app designed to automate running the Iris web browser
from RAM disc. It is available for all Iris customers/users right now
from the usual download locations. It is supplied free of charge to
everyone who has supported ROD.

IrisRAM is designed to be run at startup, whilst your machine is booting.
It'll open a nice splash banner (to let you know what is happening) and
copy Iris to RAM disc as quickly as possible. It'll then update Apps (on
the iconbar) to contain !Iris and point at the RAM disc copy.

This can give a noticeable boost to Iris responsiveness, although it will
vary depending on the class of machine as to how much. Machines with
slower disc IO (eg. Pi) will probably benefit most. Our test system was a
Pi4 with USB-SSD. This copied to RAM in approx 5 sec, which was more than
recouped by the improved load-to-iconbar time and page-to-page
responsiveness gains.

Obviously this approach "front loads" the delay, but most people expect
their computers to take a moment to start up, whereas they like things to
be as snappy as possible mid-session. Hopefully that's what !IrisRAM will

Best wishes,


Andrew Rawnsley
RISC OS Developments Ltd

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