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Thomas Milius

May 16, 2022, 4:43:00 PMMay 16
I have just updated my freeware web server HTTPServ.

In the program itself an odd bug which existed since 1997 has been corrected
which prevented Bing to scan the websites.

The adapters for PHP and SSI have been adjusted and support for usage of
SQLite inside PHP has been added.

I also added a small PHP/SQLite example and another "I am not a robot"
example to demonstrate usage of SSI. As this is based of manually classified
pictures the download size has increased from around 125K to 724K.

!HTTPServ can be downloaded either from my homepage

Section Computer activities

or directly

and also from !Store under HTTPServ (which includes !SSI)

I hope anyone is finding the program useful. Any feedback is welcome.

Best Regards

Thomas Milius

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