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TrainTimes Bug Fix

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Kevin Wells

Jul 30, 2022, 11:32:00 AM7/30/22

My UK train time table application TrainTimes has been upgraded to
version 1.19 to fix a little bug.

The bug is that if Nominatim has not been seen by the filer and you
clicked on a wikipedia link on the Extra Info menu then the application
would crash.

This has been fixed in this release.

This is one further issue is that I have a report that on Virtual Acorn
the code I use to see if Nominatim has been seen by the filer is not
working so I need to find a new way of detecting if Nominatim has been
seen by the filer.

It can be downloaded from:




I have also uploaded a short YouTube video explaning this


It does require a working internet connection and wget to work.


If you find my software useful why not purchase some of my nerchandise


Or donate some money through my Ko-Fi pages:



Kev Wells
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