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Prophet version 4.14 now available

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Elesar Sales

Dec 6, 2023, 3:00:05 AM12/6/23
Prophet, the business accounting and stock management package for RISC OS,
has been updated to version 4.14 and is available now from Elesar.

If you have version 3.93 or later (from Elesar) simply re-run the installer
program which will download the update free of charge.

Features and fixes
There's an equal mix of new features based on suggestions from existing users
and minor bug fixes:
* Making Tax Digital now handles partial periods (such as when you change
your reporting date) gracefully by finding the nearest match
* The settings for loading of CSV data and apply purchase VAT are no longer
made by system variables, they're in the Preferences dialogue
* Bank payment details can now be set from the User setup dialogue, and then
automatically inserted into Statements and Invoices
* Adjust double click on the Purchase ledger will open the corresponding order
from the Orders file
* The menu showing historical invoices is now grouped by year for any invoices
from prior years in order to keep the menu size more manageable
* The database file format has been expanded to make room for fields in
future versions of Prophet
* 3 other minor updates - see full change log for details

Making Tax Digital
Prophet is able to submit UK VAT returns using HMRC's MTD system. Prophet can
either be used to bridge the gap from your existing spreadsheet/manual
calculation or do all the accounting itself.

If you're VAT registered in the UK then from April 2022 you must use the MTD
as manual submission on paper or via the government gateway is no longer

Buying or upgrading
For those wanting to buy a new copy please visit

with a new licence costing GBP79+VAT (GBP94.80 inc), or get 25% off if you're
upgrading from any earlier 3.xx copy. Add the MTD option for GBP45+VAT (GBP54.00

Orders can also be sent in by email (to this address) to order offline if
preferred, paying by BACS or PayPal.

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