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Thomas Leonard

Apr 1, 2003, 1:03:52 PM4/1/03
ROX-Filer 1.3.8 (developer release) is out now!

ROX-Filer is a small, fast, powerful filer for Unix, Linux and compatible
systems. Its user interface is based on the RISC OS filer, and it supports
similar concepts, such as application directories, drag-and-drop saving
and popup menus. It also implements a RISC OS like pinboard, and a panel
which can be used in a similar way to the RISC OS iconbar. It also
supports many features not found in RISC OS, including thumbnails of
images, keyboard short-cuts, many more options, powerful search
facilities, etc.

ROX-Filer can be used on its own, with another desktop (such as GNOME, KDE
or XFCE), or as the core component of the ROX desktop. The ROX desktop
aims to bring all the good features of RISC OS to modern systems.
Get ROX-Filer here: (source and Linux-x86 binary archives at present):

The filer now requires GTK+-2.0.x or GTK+-2.2.x (which easily alongside


The filer is distributed under the GNU General Public License, which
means that anyone can modify it, use bits of it in their own (GPL)
programs, etc. Indeed, many of the improvements made to the filer were
added by other ROX users and posted as patches to the mailing list.

Changes since 1.3.7:

New features:

- New option to set the panel size (Geoff Youngs).

- Allow dragging a file into a text entry field (including in other
applications) to insert the filename.

- Use XSettings for drag-and-drop threshold.


- Scroll panels when the pointer is at the end, not by dragging the middle
(Geoff Youngs).

- Use stock icons in menus, and fix some possible problems in the menu code
(Stephen Watson).

- Double-buffer the pinboard for slightly larger redraw areas.

- Better way to implement selections in List View (suggested by Jonathan

- Use pinboard backdrop colour for scaled and centred images (requested by
Marcelo Ramos).

- Shade the backdrop style buttons when an external program is being used to
set the backdrop.


- Updated French manual translation (Arnaud Calvo).

- Updated French translation (Vincent Lefèvre).

- Updated Spanish translation (Marcelo Ramos).

- Updated Italian translation (Yuri Bongiorno).

- Updated Dutch translation (Jan Wagemakers).

- Don't mark widget documentation as translatable.

Bug fixes:

- Stop the pinboard from flickering when removing icons or iconfied windows.

- Stop pinboard icons flickering when you move over them (Daniele Peri).

- Centre the image for iconified windows.

- Never show the copy/move/link menu when dragging to an application.

- Comments about a MIME type were loaded from the first file to contain
information about the type, not the first to contain a comment about the

- Make sure the tooltip for pinboard and panel icons is up-to-date (reported by

- Backdrop image could be redrawn in the wrong place (Stephen Watson).


The new MIME-Editor application can be used to edit the MIME database used
by the filer (this database allows files to be assigned MIME types based
on their names, and human readable textual descriptions given in any
number of languages for them):

There's a new tutorial, showing how to add menus and options to your

The tutorial examples are written in python. You may like to read my
'Python for BBC BASIC programmers primer' here first:


There are installation and getting started guides available. The getting
started guide has lots of screenshots and may be interesting to people
thinking of trying ROX, or wondering what it looks like.

You can read more, download ROX-Filer, read the comments people have made,
and look at some screenshots here:

There are two mailing lists; rox-users and rox-devel. You can subscribe
here, or look at the archives:

A selection of tutorials on writing ROX applications is available on-line:


Thomas Leonard
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