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First steps in programming RISC OS computers

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Apr 6, 2003, 4:52:08 AM4/6/03

6TH APRIL 2003

The first in our new series of RISC OS books is a relaunch of Martyn Fox's
excellent First Steps in Programming Acorn RISC OS computers. This first
book, details of which will be available shortly, focuses on providing a
clear introduction to many aspects of RISC OS programming. There is a sequel
focusing on WIMP programming; and as such this book advoids the subject

This book is different from others to be released in this series as it will
be on a not-for-profit basis only; with at least 4.99ukp from every book
going to the Cats Protection League.

The book, including supporting disc, is to be priced at 12.99ukp; postage is
an extra 2.00ukp. It's an expensive book to produce, so I do apologise; and
as it's a charity effort postage is an extra - if you'd like to save some
money, I'll try and have some copies available at Wakefield.

This title will be on a strict print run - as such, if you'd like one please
email da...@alligatagroup.co.uk to confirm your interest.

Many thanks,

a.m.c...@argonet.co.uk, Moderator of comp.sys.acorn.announce.
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