New Games in Development, Video Series and the Yorkshire Games Festival

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Dec 18, 2022, 6:00:08 PM12/18/22

New Games for 2023:

Next year I have 3 games planned:

1 is a 3D car game called "3D Turbo Boost", This is scheduled for
release at the South West show.

2 is a simpler sort of mega 2D maze game called A-Maze-ing (Releasing at

3 is "Escape from the Light" which is maybe bigger than the other 2. I'm
covering this one in detail in a monthly development blog. Please see below.

Yorkshire Games Festival:
I will be exhibiting at the Yorkshire Games Festival at the "Let's Play!
Family Weekend" on the 4th and 5th of February.

The Yorkshire games Festival will be at:

The National Science and Media Museum
Bradford BD1 1NQ

I'll be running RISC OS on 1 or 2 systems so the public can play games
on RISC OS (and also do a bit of RISC OS promotion).
As well as sharing some of the ports to other platforms of Mop Tops and
Star Mine.

RDSP Tutorial Series
Episode 1 of a new tutorial series on how to use RDSP is available now:

Episode 2 will be released later this week.

Please subscribe to our YouTube channel to catch this upcoming episode

Escape to the Light Development Blog
For a change I decided to blog the process I go through to develop a new
game. This includes the initial notes, sketches, inspiration as well as
the process of writing and production.

Episode 1 :
Can a mysterious 50 year old audio tape that I found in a charity shop
inspire a video game?

The first 10 minutes are some notes and concept art sketches as well as
covering what is probably a sound effects tape from the late 1960s for
TV, radio or film.

The rest of the video showcases the tape running on a 1964 Phillips
EL3548A/15 Reel to Reel tape recorder.

Episode 2 : Puppet nightmares and composing music
Inspired by a nightmare that came to mind whilst listening to the tape,
I try to recreate some of the sound effects.

The second part of the episode includes multi-tracking music for the
game, look at synthesisers and then experimenting to create more effects.

Episode 3 is coming in January and will cover the creation of the
initial graphics for the game.

Episode 4 will be released in February and will cover the
proof-of-concept for the game running on both RISC OS and other OS'.

Please subscribe to help grow the channel and catch these episodes. It
also provides the opportunity to provide feedback and whether something
ought to be changed.

Have a great Christmas/New Year and I hope to see you in 2023 at one of
these shows:

* Yorkshire Games Festival : 4/5th February
* SouthWest Show : 25th February
* Wakefield Show : 22nd April
* London Show : October 2023.

Thanks and Regards,

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