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Dave Stratford

Aug 31, 2003, 6:40:07 PM8/31/03
Hi folks,

Version 2.04 of !Webgen2 was uploaded late last night.

Just 1 minor change to allow the navigation buttons on the image pages to
be set above or below the main image.

Also, thanks to Stefan Bellon, the button images themselves have had their
transparency set so that the colour works regardless of the background

Webgen2 should be completely compatible with Iyonix, but I don't have one
so cannot test it. If you have problems, let me know. Apparently it will
crash Aemulator (sp) so don't use that.

For those that don't know !Webgen2 is an application that will take a
directory of images, (GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, SPRITE and PNG) at last count,
and turn them into a complete web site.

All the code generated is as close as possible to the W3C's html
standards, and should validate to 4.01 transitional.

Go to http://www.argonet.co.uk/users/daves/software


Dave Stratford ZFCA
Hexagon Systems Limited - Experts in VME systems development

a.m.c...@argonet.co.uk, Moderator of comp.sys.acorn.announce.
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