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alignment with ISO C11

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Szabolcs Nagy

Aug 27, 2014, 1:30:02 PM8/27/14

it seems that C++14 only references C99 (C++14 1.2p1)

(more precisely "ISO/IEC 9899:1999, Programming languages - C"
with TC1, TC2 and TC3)

but C11 is already out for a few years now with some additions
relevant to C++

18.10p7 already talks about stdalign.h (and cstdalign) eventhough
this is not a C99 header and the requirement is wrong:
only alignas is mentioned, not alignof, which has the same

assert.h now has static_assert in C11 so 19.3 should be updated

thread_local and noreturn are keywords in C++ but macros in C11
in threads.h and stdnoreturn.h (these may or may not need to be
aligned with C++)

uchar.h has similar issues (char16_t and char32_t are keywords)

so it's now unclear how C11 implementations should handle these
headers (assert.h, stdalign.h, stdnoreturn.h, threads.h, uchar.h)
so that C++14 implementations can use the C headers.

ie. where should '#ifndef __cplusplus' be placed in the C headers

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