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Rob Braun

Oct 5, 1998, 3:00:00 AM10/5/98
Well, I didn't get a whole lot of new submissions this week, so the
posting is relativly short. Lets get working on those submissions.
We'd like to build up the comp.sources.unix archive into one of
the better archives on the 'net. So, send those submissions in. :-)
We'd appreciate it if you give the submissions url (listed below)
a little excercise.

Here's this weeks additions to the archive.


comp.soruces.unix archive: http://sources.isc.org
comp.sources.unix archive faq: http://sources.isc.org/FAQ.perl

File submissions: http://sources.isc.org/submit/submit.perl

Recent additions to the comp.souces.unix archive:

Title Version Author Description
9wm 1.1 David Hogan An 8 1/2 (plan 9) like windowmanager for X.
09/09/1998 http://sources.isc.org/X/window-managers/9wm-1.1.txt

fvwm 1.24r Rob Nation The now famous window manager.
09/09/1998 http://sources.isc.org/X/window-managers/fvwm-1.24r.txt

ncftp 2.4.3 Mike Gleason An exceptional ftp client.
10/04/1998 http://sources.isc.org/network/data-transfer/ncftp-2.4.3.txt

lynx 2.8 University of Kansas The famous text based web browser
10/04/1998 http://sources.isc.org/network/data-transfer/lynx-2.8.txt

netatalk 1.3.3 Wesley Craig Share your unix filesystmes with remote macs.
10/04/1998 http://sources.isc.org/network/data-transfer/netatalk-1.3.3.txt

xinetd Rob Braun Extentions to xinetd, the inetd replacement.
10/04/1998 http://sources.isc.org/network/daemon/xinetd-

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