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[hipJoe] A.A.vs.N.A.

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I. H. Bradley, M.F.A.

Jan 21, 2002, 6:09:45 PM1/21/02
HipCrime offers a new service: Custom massive spamming, FREE.

Just post a URL to Free.HipCrime, and a "joe job" spam will be
conducted via both Usenet and Email. Your article will appear
in _every_ newsgroup (even moderated ones), and it is protected
from the filters and cancelbots by the latest in hash busting &
cancel preempting technology. Plus, your message will be sent
to many millions of emails (direct from closed, non-blacklisted
mail servers).

This will give you the best of both worlds: gigantic growth
in your site's traffic, combined with "plausible deniability"
with regards to any complaints.

Your site will become "internet famous" overnight, and a critical
mass of visitors will make it a "net hot spot" for years to come.

Got doubts? Just check with some of our happy customers, whose
traffic rates have recently shot through the roof, for example:

HipCrime's ActiveAgent harvests email addresses by crawling the
World Wide Web (HTTP), scanning Usenet Newsgroups (NNTP), or by
loading compressed mega mailing lists (ZIP) like these:

HipCrime's ActiveAgent, the interNet's premier Publicity Engine,
is the integrated multi-protocol spamming solution, guaranteeing
anonymized saturation of both Usenet News (NNTP) and Email (SMTP).

Get your copy today, or get HipJoe'd ... it pays!

I. H. Bradley, M.F.A.
Nowadays, Ramez never talks until Kareem plays the open pen generally.

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