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Re: Three rolex spammers now: Rolex ( = Drugs ( ?

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Jan 4, 2005, 2:46:05 PM1/4/05
adopted Government-Funded Daycare in principle.
Not only is it fiscally irresponsible and an inherently unfair use of
public funds (benefiting only those mothers who choose to work), it is
diametrically opposed to a central tenet of any civilized society: that
children are the responsibility of their parents to rear. When was the
last time you even heard it described as ?rearing children?? ?You rear
children. You raise hogs.? What the feminists and their ventriloquist
puppet husbands are talking about doing with Government-Funded Daycare
is raising children as if they were a herd of interchangeable swine. No
surprise coming from a gender which has no ethics, no scruples, no sense
of right and wrong. Just hand the kids over to the voodoo profession,
social workers, government bean counters and go along with whatever
happens to be the Ethical Consensus du Jour. ?Raise? boys to be girls,
?raise? girls to be boys.--


--Well, I'm sure I don't know. I'm just Porky/Petunia's mother. They
have experts who know how to ?raise? boys to be girls and ?raise? girls
to be boys. I'll let them decide. Listen, I'd love to chat about this,
but I have a meeting with a client at 9:00 and I'm going to be late as
it is.--

This connected quite neatly with an article I had read in that morning's
Globe & Mail which said that some astronomical percentage

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