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New WWW Logfile Analyser: analog0.9

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Stephen Turner

Jun 29, 1995, 3:00:00 AM6/29/95
I have written a new logfile analysis program called analog. It currently
analyses logfiles from your WWW server in the common format and the NCSA
old-style format (or logfiles containing both).

Why a new program? Well, in short, we found that all of the previously
available programs either produced ugly output, or couldn't cope with large
logfiles. My program
i) is fast. I can process 415 000 requests in under 30 seconds (on an
HP9000/735; your mileage may vary);
ii) produces attractive output (I think!);
iii) works well on large logfiles.

This program is still in beta test. I need more people to test it and tell
me how it copes on their systems, and what other features are needed. I hope
that in doing so you will be able to get better WWW statistics too!

A more detailed description of the program, and source code, can be found
at <URL:>.

Stephen R. E. Turner
Stochastic Networks Group, Statistical Laboratory, University of Cambridge
e-mail: WWW:
"10 or 11 degrees C in the south: that's double figures" (ITV Weathercaster)

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