Crowdsourcing the search for software engineering data

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Derek Jones

Jan 20, 2022, 3:33:47 PMJan 20

This year I am taking a proactive approach to finding software
engineering data. Previously I mostly emailed people
after reading their data oriented paper.

Now I'm promoting the crowdsourcing the search for people who
look as if they might have interesting data, e.g., company CTOs,
and Agile coaches

I am particularly interested in human related data (rather
than source code), e.g., estimates of cost and time, requirements,
staffing, scheduling, etc.

Subscribers to this list list talk to lots of software
developers. When you are talking to them, don't forget to
ask if they have any data.

Most developers don't record data, so don't be surprised
with a low rate of discovery.

When data has been recorded, people often don't appreciate
that it may well contain information that can help them
understand their development processes. So they will need
reassuring that their data is useful.

An example of detailed analysis of Agile estimation data

I offer a free analysis of software data, provided an anonymised
version of the data can be made public.

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