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Cleve Moler

Jan 24, 1993, 4:40:09 PM1/24/93

Hi. This is the first posting from The MathWorks to comp.soft-sys.matlab.
I'm posting it from Stanford because we're having trouble posting to
newly establish groups, including comp.soft-sys.matlab, from the MathWorks
machines in Massachusetts. We can post to old, established groups, but
not to some new ones, including what is now the most important group for
us. If anybody else is having similar difficulties, please let us know.

Thanks to Michael Maurer at Stanford for initiating the group. The size
of the vote in favor, and the level of participation this first week, are
certainly good signs for an active, useful group.

At the MathWorks, we intend to follow the group's activities, to respond
individually to technical and informational queries, and to post general
responses and announcements when we believe they are of broad interest.
We certainly intend to respect the Net's noncommercial culture.

We hope that many of the queries will be answered by other group
participants. The discussion we've seen so far of MATLAB/Unix memory
management is a good example of how this ought to work.

Thanks to all of you for your support of MATLAB. With your help,
comp.soft-sys.matlab can be a valuable, and enjoyable, activity for
all of us.

-- Cleve Moler
Chairman and Chief Scientist
The MathWorks

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