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The first beta release of RTSS 1.0.0 is out

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Matteo Morelli

Sep 20, 2009, 6:40:06 AM9/20/09
Dear Scilab/Scicos users,

it took longer than expected,but a new release of the Robotics Toolbox
for Scilab/Scicos (1.0.0b1) is finally available for download.

RTSS is intended for modeling and simulation of robotic manipulators
in the Scilab/Scicos environment and has been developed at Centro
"E. Piaggio" by the student Matteo Morelli since 2007, as a project for
the undergraduate robotics course at the Faculty of Engineering at the
University of Pisa, Italy. RTSS is distributed under the terms of the
GNU General Public License, in the hope that it will be useful, BUT

Originally inspired by the Robotics Toolbox for Matlab by Peter Corke,
RTSS provides many functions that are useful in the field of robotics to
explore areas such as kinematics, dynamics and trajectory generation.
RTSS is hosted on for more information, please visit
its main web-site at

As of release 1.0.0b1, the Robotics Palette is fully compatible with a
broad range of code generators available for Scicos, specifically:

* the Scicos RTAI Code Generator (GNU/Linux only);
* the Scilab/Scicos Code Generator for Xenomai (GNU/Linux only);
* Code_Generation Toolbox of Scicos.

This makes it possible to develop standalone applications (controllers)
which can be used, in particular, in real-time applications. For a
complete list of the new features in version 1.0.0b1, please refer to:

The RTSS package is distributed as source code and as prebuilt
binaries for several platforms. Prebuilt RTSS-1.0.0b1 is built on top of
ScicosLab, therefore it requires ScicosLab to run. If, for some reason,
the user needs to work with the old Scilab-4.1.2, then he or she should
consider to install the source version of RTSS-1.0.0b1, which works with
all the versions of Scilab based on the official BUILD4 distribution.
RTSS is not yet compatible with Scilab-5.x. RTSS is available for
download at:

RTSS Development Team welcomes new participants. Interested users can
contribute in several ways: reporting and/or fixing bugs, writing new
functions, revising existing functions to be more efficient, writing new
demos and documentation. For more information, please visit the
Contributions page at

Best Regards,

Matteo Morelli

RTSS Developer and Project Admin.

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