[V6.0] Possible bug found in Symbolize (Notation Palette)

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Jean-Marc Gulliet

May 31, 2007, 3:40:32 AM5/31/07
Hi Group,

I might have found a bug in the function Symbolize. Before filling a bug
report, I would like to know if other people have found it or can
reproduce it, or if this just occur on my heavy-loaded old system.

I tried to use the Symbolize function, now provided by the Notation
package, to answer another thread and got a kernel crash in return.

Here is the sequence of events. Start a new session. Load the Notation
package. Notation Palette displayed. Enter x_1 (x ctrl + _ 1). Select
x_1 with the mouse. Click on Symbolize[] in the Notation Palette. The
infamous Microsoft Windows dialog box asking to send a report to Redmond
is displayed. Click on the button send. The report is sent and the
Mathematica processes are killed (kernel and front end).

This occurs with Mathematica version 6 under Windows XP SP2 with only
one instance of the program running (but with version 5.2 still
installed on the system. I do not know if this makes any difference).

(* Save your work before clicking on Symbolize *)

<< "Notation`"

Subscript[x, 1]

Select the above line and click on the button Symbolize in the notation

Best regards,


Jun 1, 2007, 2:49:06 AM6/1/07
Yes, I get the same crash. (Front End and Kernel)



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