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Re: Floating point exception when taking a reciprocal

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Niels Walet

Jun 21, 2010, 2:15:13 AM6/21/10
Leo Alekseyev wrote:
> I am running into a strange bug where taking reciprocals of a list of
> floating point numbers crashes the kernel with a floating point
> exception. This is on a Linux x86_64 system, Ubuntu 9.10, running
> Mathematica
> Something like
> foo=Array[1.0&,1000]; 1/foo
> or
> foo=RandomReal/@Range[100]; 1/foo
> gives me the crash
> Replacing floats with integers makes things work fine, also, for small
> enough lists (order of 10 elements) everything works.
> Same version of Mathematica on a 32-bit linux system or on Windows
> doesn't exhibit this behavior.
> I am rather mystified by what's going on; my hardware/OS is pretty
> standard, so if the bug were this obvious it would have long been
> known by now... But if anyone else has run into similar behavior
> and/or knows of some sort of a fix, please let me know.
> Thanks,
> --Leo
I have seen similar problems (with Scientific linux 5 64 bits on an
intel i5 processor). The same code works on the identical OS with an
older Core2 processor. I have the feeling it is due to the issue with
the intel math library for i7
(, but am not
sure, since I can't directly talk to wolfram (site license).

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David Reiss

Jun 22, 2010, 7:03:16 AM6/22/10
For Mathematica version 7 and 7.01 there is a bug in the Intel Core i7
(Nehalem) based CPU processor architecture as it is used on Linux
which requires a special patched version of Mathematica to be
installed. you should contact Woflram support for the patched


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