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Maple 9.02 for MacOSX : Always a Shame !!

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Jacques M. TORRE

Sep 26, 2003, 5:51:58 AM9/26/03
I have just installed Maple 9.0.2 on my PowerBook G4 (667 Mhz, 1Go,
Mac OSX 10.2.8).

--->>> Already met problems (releases 9 and 9.0.1) are always there

1) The recovery of my former files (Maple 7) is practically impossible
- All the accented letters (text input) disappeared,
- Fonts are not recognized,
- Various used styles are not recognized,
- The management of left single quotes (standard math) is erratic
(they disappear when recording).

2) Printing is catastrophic :
- Setting parameters are ineffective ("scale" in particular),
- The space between the printed lines is much bigger than that
appearing to the screen,
- characters in italic (standard math) are printed straight ahead,
- "Print preview" is of an unacceptable quality.

3) Miscellaneous
- An excessive slowness when opening Maple 9 or a .mw file.

To summarize :
On Macintosh OSX platforms, Maple 9.0.2 is unusable in the current
Former files are irretrievable (text input and standard math).
Paper publishing is unusable.
Maplesoft is fucking around with Macintosh users.

--->>> Are the engineers of Maplesoft as stupid as they let it appear
--->>> Either do they make deliberately so that everybody goes away to
Mathematica ??

--->>> I am ashamed for them ...

--->>> Don't buy Maple 9 (neither 9.0.1, neither 9.0.2) for MacOSX !!

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