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Artificial Mental Simulation and Artificial Imagination

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Mar 1, 2016, 12:58:34 AM3/1/16
I would like to indicate a web resource promoting the advancement of artificial
intelligence and of excellence in artificial intelligence education, . The indicated resource is, at once, of use to
interdisciplinary research, including cognitive science and artificial
intelligence research. The table of contents of the website is available at . The articles in the simulation category are
available at .

Our current and upcoming research topics include artificial mental simulation
en route to artificial imagination. Artificial mental simulation and
artificial imagination are biologically-inspired, cognition-based, engineering
approaches to computational modeling and simulation systems and to computer-
automated design and engineering systems. The research advances artificial
intelligence while simultaneously advancing computer simulation.

Artificial mental simulation research topics include the comprehension of
domain-independent scientific simulations for dialogue systems to answer
questions about or to explain the contents of simulations.

Artificial mental simulation research topics include the understanding and
generation of natural language, of descriptive, explanatory, narrative
rhetoric, and of stories as well as the processes of their transduction to and
from working memory content. Semiotic reasoning and interpretation broaden the
capabilities of forthcoming intelligent tutoring systems for literature.

Computer vision and computer perception topics are proximate to those of
artificial mental simulation as each is interested with modeling the working
memory that sensors provide information into and that sensory processing
interacts with. Models of working memory include the storage of 3D
reconstructions of environments, representations of environments, for
recognition, processing and comprehension.

Artificial mental simulation research includes the comprehensive modeling of
concepts with facets including visuospatial or computational geometric.
Artificial mental simulation and artificial imagination research topics include
the bidirectional connections between concepts, forms and functions as well as
the procedural cognitive processes of mental design, mechanistic reasoning and
engineering, including the cognitive processes pertaining to the formulation
of, the retrieval, reuse, revision and retention of, as well as the blending of
design spaces.

Artificial intelligence-based modeling and simulation advance natural language
understanding, inferencing, situation modeling, sensemaking, situational
awareness, narrative comprehension, story visualization, natural language
generation, computer-aided and computer-automated storytelling, scientific
visualization, natural language explanations of scientific simulations,
instructional design, serious games, on-the-fly instructional simulation
content generation, multimedia communication, multimedia dialogue systems and
intelligent tutoring systems.

The advancement of artificial intelligence-based modeling and simulation
advance the tools of design, engineering and manufacturing, the tools of
industry, business intelligence and economics, the tools of the sciences and of
education. The imagination has long fascinated cognitive science and research
into artificial imagination can provide new scientific understanding of the
mind as well as new technologies.

The advancement of science, artificial intelligence and education are
philanthropic. At the Phoster Corporation, our philanthropic endeavors advance
artificial intelligence, education, democracy, economics, computational ethics,
argumentation, nutritional and biomedical science.

Your donations help to sustain our organization and to benefit the communities
which we serve. With your support, our expanding research, development and
philanthropic endeavors can continue to advance science, to educate, equip and
empower individuals, organizations and communities, to advance collaboration,
productivity, industry and economies, to address global issues and challenges,
and to provide new solutions.

We hope that our web resource,, is of use to you and we
invite you to visit our donations page at for
more information and to make a donation.

Thank you,
Adam Sobieski

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