Putty gtk3 terminal crashes in gtk3 broadway backend

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Nov 24, 2020, 4:34:16 AM11/24/20
Tested environment:
- Debian Buster(10.x)
- Arch Linux (2020.11)

Reproduce procedure:
1. clone the putty git repository and compile it
2. use the default package install the gtk3 related library, it should be included by default, for e.g. libgtk-3-bin in Debian package.
3. enter `broadwayd :1` to start broadway service on port 8081
4. enter `env GDK_BACKEND=broadway BROADWAY_DISPLAY=:1 ./pterm` to start PuTTY Terminal Emulator in gtk3 broadway back-end.

5. use mainstream browser like Firefox to launch http :// localhost:8081 , you can see that program

6. type some words on pterm, it works normally
7. push Enter on pterm, it crashes

I cannot really figure out key problem for this bug in gdb or strace log, please help to solve related bug if possible, thanks!

~ Sean
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