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Richard Akerman

Sep 19, 1996, 3:00:00 AM9/19/96

It seems that every day now someone comes up with some new whizzy
communications protocol for a web access plug-in or helper that uses
various TCP and UDP ports, which none of them (with the notable exception
of RealAudio) seem to document anywhere in their online information. I
actually prefer them to add new ports though, rather than what I see as a
disturbing trend to try to fit everything through on TCP 80 (HTTP) to
"bypass that bothersome firewall".

Anyway I would be willing to gather together a list of all of these
assorted ports if anyone is interested. Please email me with any info you
have. Here is what I have so far:

RealAudio 7070 6970 - 7170
(E)CU-SeeMe 7648 - 7652
VDO 7000 >= 7000
PointCast 80 ?
Vivo 80 ?
Conference 458,545 458,545 (IANA registered)
>= 7000 >= 7000

https (SSL) 443 443 (IANA registered)
IRC 194 194 (IANA registered)
Timbuktu 407 407 (IANA registered)
1417-1420 1417-1420 (IANA registered)
CyberCash 551 551 (IANA registered)
common HTTP 8000,8001,

Please email me if you have any additional info on these or other new
non-IANA listed protocols, particularly details of whether they *require*
UDP or can just use it as an option (or don't use it at all).

(I use

to find IANA-listed numbers).
(don't have SSL or IRC links)

Richard Akerman
Applied Microelectronics Inc.

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