[CFP][call for paper] IEEE IJCNN 2017 Special Session on COGNITION AND DEVELOPMENT

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Oct 17, 2016, 3:53:31 AM10/17/16



IEEE IJCNN 2017 Special Session on


May 14-19, 2017, Anchorage, Alaska, USA.


Important Dates (same as main conference look on the website for updates):

Paper submission: November 15, 2016
Paper decision notification: January 20, 2017
Camera-ready submission: February 20, 2017

Dates are the same as main conference, please check the IJCNN website for
updates: www.ijcnn.org
All papers submitted to the special sessions will be subject to the same
peer-review procedure as regular papers, accepted papers will be published
in the conference proceedings.
Templates and instruction for authors are provided on the IJCNN submission
webpage http://www.ijcnn.org/paper-submission
Please make sure to select the Special Session "Cognition and Development"
(under "S. SPECIAL SESSION TOPICS") as the "Main Research topic" of your
Aim and Scope

The special session aims at the presentation of the latest models and results
in the investigation of developmental issues in cognitive development and
their application to computational and robotics models. In particular it
encourages submissions on neural computation and cognitive robotics models
of sensorimotor, cognitive and social development inspired by our understanding
of human development, or used to improve this understanding in interaction with
psychology and neuroscience. These include evolutionary and developmental models
of the origins of intrinsic motivation, perceptual and motor development, social
learning and interaction, imitation, acquisition of communicative and linguistic
skills, and reasoning.

Scientific challenges addressed by these models include: What are the mechanisms
that allow a child (and a robot) to develop autonomously cognitive capabilities?
How does the social and physical environment, with which the child interacts,
shape and scaffold the childC-s developing cognitive skills and knowledge? What
are the constraints and the cognitive primitives that are needed to bootstrap
development? What do qualitative stages during development, and body and brain
maturational changes, tell us about the mechanisms and principles supporting

The special session also encourages submissions from the empirical developmental
science disciplines, such as child psychology, developmental linguistics and
neuroscience, and interdisciplinary approaches to cognition and development.

List of Main Topics
* Developmental robotics
* Epigenetic robotics
* Neuro-robotics
* Bio-inspired and cognitive robotics
* Cognitive modelling
* Intrinsic motivation
* Sensorimotor development
* Cognitive development
* Social development
* Language acquisition
* Novel tools for cognition and development in robots


Alessandro Di Nuovo, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
Pierre-Yves Oudeyer, INRIA, Bordeaux, France
Angelo Cangelosi, University of Plymouth, UK

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