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Why Use MIWA Robotics Warehousing AGV?

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Aug 19, 2022, 4:45:05 AM8/19/22
*Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) *

Automated guided vehicles help to transport materials, supplies, and inventory within warehouse facilities. AGVs are used in operations to replace manually-driven forklifts or pick carts. Some AGVs autonomously navigate warehouse facilities by following established routes that are marked by wires, magnetic strips, tracks, sensors embedded in the floor or other physical guides. Other AGVs utilize cameras, lidar, infrared and other advanced technology to navigate workspaces, identify obstacles and avoid collisions.

*Benefits of robotic warehousing solutions*

1. Fewer Errors
2. Reduced Expenses
3. Better Customer Satisfaction
4. Enhanced Warehouse Safety
5. Advanced Efficiency and Productivity
6. Enhanced Ability to Meet High Capacity Demands
7. Space Efficient
8. Economic Environment Regulation

MIWA ROBOTICS - The fastest robotic picking AGV solution for warehouses available. Improve warehouse productivity 8 – 10x over manual picking. Dramatically reduce demand for forklifts and number of human touches. Let’s customize a solution to fit your business and your budget.

MIWA Robotics

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